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Concierge Medicine

Ben Kermani, MD

Internists located in Las Vegas, NV

Concierge Medicine - FAQ

24/7 medical care

What is Concierge Medicine and its benefits?

Concierge Medicine provides extended medical care. You will have access to the provider's cell phone 24/7. You will also have a dedicated Care Coordinator who will be at your reach to complete any medical requests from scheduling your specialist's appointments and attending to any other medical needs.

This frees up your day from long hold times to get an appointment, wait time to get a return call or to see the doctor It means that you will have someone to work alongside you to take care of your medical requests while you take care of what is important - yourself and your loved ones. Essentially you can get on with your life.

Concierge Medicine provides the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that there is always a physician by your side. You will receive personal calls from the physician to review any lab and radiology results anytime that is convenient for you. Having access to your chart 24/7, your physician can communicate all pertinent information to any other medical entity such as urgent care or emergency rooms so that you have can have seamless medical care.

My parent is an established patient, most often they call me when they have medical concerns. If I sign them up for Concierge Medicine, can I call on their behalf?

If your loved one has provided us with written approval for us to discuss their medical situation, you can absolutely contact the provider on behalf of him/her.

If I sign up for the Concierge Medicine plan, will I still be able to use my insurance to pay for office visits, lab work and specialist referral? 

Absolutely. Concierge Medicine is an extension of care. You can think of it as insurance for 24/7 access. It does not take away the benefits of having an insurance plan that will pay for office visits, lab work, radiology and such.

Will my insurance company pay for Concierge Medicine?

Insurance companies will not pay for this extended care.

What is the fee for Concierge Medicine?

The fee is $2500/year.