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For hundreds of years, vitamin C has been touted as the go to vitamin to boost one's immune system.  It has all of the fighting properties of a great warrior to fend off  illnesses, regulate blood pressure and protect your memory to name a few. 

That said , it's important to look to the entire army of vitamins that may be an even stronger protector.  With all of the concerns swirling around  Coronavirus, THE best  player amongst vitamins right now is Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is the single most important vitamin that helps prevent infection and may very well lessen the effects of infection. There are countless studies on the role of vitamin D and its ability to fight off respiratory infections. 

How is this so ? Vitamin D creates an important protective mucous lining in our lungs, which is essential for preventing lung born virus attacks such as Coronavirus.

 During the summer months , vitamin D is produced freely when the ultraviolet rays from the sun react with a form of cholestoral in our skin to create vitamin D.  In the winter months; however, with our exposure being less , this vitamin  production may go down.  We can intensify the benefits of Vitamin D by coupling it with certain other vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin K for instance is a great player in helping the absoption of Vitamin D. Other players are Boron , Zinc and Vitamin A.  Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient , meaning that you need to have eaten a little bit of fat to help with its absoprtion.  Therefore , taking vitamin D with one of the large meals of the day is the best recommendation  It does not matter which meal. 

You can turn to the pharmacy shelf for a supplement.  But before you do, it is important to have your Vitamin D level checked and to have a recommendation from your doctor as to an acceptable daily dosage.  Too much vitamin D also has its consequences from short term to long term ones.  Certain medical conditions will require greater precaution in how much vitamin D is incorporated in one's daily regimen.  And finally, keep in mind that not all vitamin Ds are created equal with the best one being Vitamin D3. 

Although taking this vitamin is not a guarrantee that one will be protected or cured from Coronavirus, it  is no longer just a vitamin to keep bones healthy or fight off depression, it is a key player in helping to protect our lives. 

Dr. Ben Kermani

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